Majestic fella 

      Loves direct sunlight

      Thrives in room temperature & high humidity 

      Not pet-friendly 


Care Tips:

       Water it generously when the top of the soil is dry

     Every 5-7 days

       Fertilize every two weeks during summer, and every four weeks during winter

      Repot during the spring, every other year

Common problems of Ficus Bonsai: 

Problem: Droopy leaves

Cause: Dry air and a lack of light weakens 

Solution: Mist often and change to a sunny spot


Problem: Scale or spider mites

Cause: Lack of light & poor conditions

Solution: Place insecticide sticks into the soil or spray insecticide / change its environment

In the wild

The Ficus Bonsai is in fact a graft between the pot-bellied trunk of a Ficus Ginseng and the leaves of Ficus Microcarpa, both originating from Asia. 

ficus tree

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