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Petite Aloe – Charcoal Blue


This beautiful Aloe Aristata, otherwise known as Lace Aloe originates in the mountain areas of South Africa. The Aloe is a succulent that lives well in climates with barely any water, with dry and warm conditions. This is a rare plant to find in the wild as it does regularly get harvested by locals for its wound-healing benefits. Gift it to your friends and family. But also, get one for your own home to liven up any space.


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Healthy, happy & real plants only

Smart design (Gift box doubles as planter)

Hands-On support

Plastic-free packaging

No single-use plastic


     Juicy & tough

     Likes sun or partial shade

  Does well in a normal room environment. Can tolerate air conditioning.

    Not harmful or toxic to humans or pets.

    Book that 7 day getaway, she’ll be fine.


*** The plant selection and quantity may vary from the original picture. As we strive to achieve a similar look, we hand plant each garden to order, to ensure that you receive a fresh and healthy succulent arrangement.

Care Tips

Watering: Every 7 days in the summer and every 14 days in the winter. Make sure the top 1.5cm of soil is dry before watering.

Soil: Loves dry and well-drained soil. (Potting soil, coarse sand & perlite).

Nutrition: During the growth period, you can feed it with some fertiliser. However, it doesn’t generally need it.

Repotting:  Once a year, use a container 2-5cm larger in diameter than the original pot.


Read more on how to care for your Aloe.

Need help? Message us and we’ll hook you up with a plant whisperer.

The Pots

This petite Charcoal Blue pot is ethically handmade in Sri Lanka, from 100% recycled and biodegradable material with zero waste. It’s lined with natural latex extracted from the Rubber Tree, which makes it waterproof, long-lasting and sustainable. Can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a damp fibre cloth. Reuse this gorgeous pot once your happy plant moves to a larger one.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 14 cm



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