Your new plants:

    Love direct or filtered sunlight

    Love room temperature & can tolerate air conditioning

    Are not toxic or harmful to humans or pets.


        How to use the kit:

  • Gently take out the plants.
  • Remove the plants from their biodegradable pots
  • Gently remove the old soil ( you can use the tools ).
  • Fill the white base with the new fresh soil.
  • Place the plant in the white base and add more soil to make sure it is planted well.
  • Add stones on the top layer for that final touch.
  • Water it generously when the top of the soil is dry


     Water & dropper usage:

  • Your new plants need approximately 50ml of water each
  • Get a small cup of water with the suggested amount, fill the dropper by squeezing it and water around the plants directly on the stones, avoid putting water directly on the plants/leaves to protect them from rotting.
  • You can use the wooden stick to occasionally check if the soil is dry or not
  • Only water the plant when the soil is dry (once every 10-14 days)
Detailed care tips for each plant:

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