In the wild

Yellow/Red Ruby Cactus can be found in Paraguay and Argentina. Barrel Cactus grows along desert washes in North America. The Fairy Castle Cactus is native to North, South and Central Americas. Flowering Chin Cactus is native to The United States and Mexico. As you can tell, the majority of Cacti are grown all around America and Mexico.

How not to kill your Cactus

Don’t forget…

      Prickly but pure

      Loves direct or filtered sunlight

      Every 3-4 weeks, make sure the top 1.3cm of soil is dry between watering. 

      Loves room temperature 

      Not toxic or harmful to humans or pets.

A little more..

     Can tolerate air conditioning.

     Loves dry and well drained soil, add sand to improve the drainage.

     Not required fertiliser. However, occasional fertilizing during growth periods is fine.

     Once a year, use a container 2-5cm larger in diameter than the original pot.

But how do I know the exact amount of water to use?

Do not worry! We got you, the steps are easy. Here are the amounts:

  • Mini (Small) 100ml
  • Midi (Medium) 250ml
  • Lush (Large) 400ml

Firstly, fill a coffee mug with the amount suggested for your plant friend, use our water dropper to transfer the water from the mug to your stones. That’s it!

Common problems of Cacti: 

Problem: Stretching out to one side for light

Cause: Placed in the wrong place. 

Solution: Move it to an area that receives light. 


Problem: Leaves look bloated, buffy and soggy

Cause: Overwatering

Solution: Let the plant dry out under a good amount of sun. Rewater like normal using our water dropper.


Problem: Trouble standing up, soft, smells and no new growth.

Cause: Roots are rotting

Solution: Unpot and cut the rotten roots. Leave the roots to dry out for a day or two and repot them in fresh compost and place under the sun and add the amount of water recommended.  

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