In the wild

The Echeveria succulent plant & other Echeveria types are found in semi-desert regions of Mexico and are very popular in coastal California. Semi-deserts suit this succulent as it prospers in dry atmospheres and runs on low amounts of water.

How not to kill your Echeveria

Don’t forget…

     Soft but fierce 

     Full sun or filtered light

     Every 10-14 days, make sure the top 1.3cm of soil is dry between watering. 

     Loves room temperature (Do not place in humid areas for example, laundry room).

     Not harmful or toxic to humans or pets.

A little more…

     Can tolerate air conditioning.

     Loves dry and well drained soil, add sand to improve the drainage.

     Doesn’t require fertiliser. However, an occasional feed during growth periods is fine.

     Once a year, use a container 2-5cm larger in diameter than the original pot

But how do I know the exact amount of water to use?

Do not worry! We got you, the steps are easy. Here are the amounts:

  • Mini (Small) 100ml
  • Midi (Medium) 250ml
  • Lush (Large) 400ml

Firstly, fill a coffee mug with the amount suggested for your plant friend, use our water dropper to transfer the water from the mug to your stones. That’s it!

Common problems of Echeveria: 

Problem: Mushy & soft leaves

Cause: Overwatering

Solution: Use our water dropper for just the right amount of water. Always make sure the top 1.3cm of soil is dry before watering. If you have overwatered it, leave the plant in a bright spot for a while and keep checking for the soil to dry out completely. 

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