In the wild

The Crassula plant also known as the Jade & money tree plant originates in South Africa but is found all over the world. It can tolerate high winds and drought but needs a good amount of sunlight to successfully grow.

crassula plant in the wild

How not to kill your Jade

Don’t forget…

      Soft and kind

      Loves direct or filtered sunlight

      Every 10-14 days, make sure the top 1.3cm of soil is dry between watering. 

      Loves room temperature 

      Not toxic or harmful to humans or pets.

A little more…

      Can tolerate air conditioning. 

      Loves dry and well drained soil, add sand to improve the drainage.

      Occasional fertilizing during growth periods is fine otherwise it is not required.

      Once a year, use a container 2-5cm larger in diameter than the original pot.

But how do I know the exact amount of water to use?

Do not worry! We got you, the steps are easy. Here are the amounts:

  • Mini (Small) 100ml
  • Midi (Medium) 250ml
  • Lush (Large) 400ml

Firstly, fill a coffee mug with the amount suggested for your plant friend, use our water dropper to transfer the water from the mug to your stones. That’s it!

Common problems of Jade: 

Problem: Leaves look bloated, puffy and soggy

Cause: Overwatering

Solution: Let the plant dry out under a good amount of sun. Then rewater like normal using our water dropper.


Problem: Leaves dropping

Cause: The plant is extremely dry.

Solution: Make sure you are watering it correctly.

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