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Mini Echeveria – Warm White

AED120.00 AED110.00

Commemorate the month of giving with plant gifts. This Ramadn get your family and friends this delicate cutie that will melt their hearts ♥.

With its attractive rosette-shape, dramatic nature, and gorgeous blooms, Echeveria is the most charming and unique succulent plant out there!

This plant symbolizes gracious adaptability and striking beauty. Pre-planted in an exquisitely hand-crafted warm white gift box that doubles as a planter and ready to bring a burst of liveliness into any space.

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Healthy, happy & real plants only

Smart design (Gift box doubles as planter)

Hands-On support

Plastic-free packaging

No single-use plastic


     Cutie Mcpretty

     Give them a bright spot with lots of filtered light.

    Room temperature fans (do not place in humid areas for example, laundry room).

    Not harmful or toxic to humans or pets.

    Can tolerate air conditioning.


*** The plant selection may vary from the original picture. As we strive to achieve a similar look, we hand plant each garden to order, to ensure that you receive a fresh and healthy succulent arrangement.

Care Tips

Watering: Every 2-3 weeks, make sure the top 1.3cm of soil is dry between waterings.

Soil: These plants grow well in dry and well drained soil (potting soil, coarse sand and perlite).

Nutrition: These plants don’t require fertiliser. However, an occasional feed during growth periods is helpful.

Repotting: After 12-14 months, move it to a 1/3 bigger pot (with drainage!).


Read more on how to care for your echeveria.

Need help? Message us and we’ll hook you up with a plant whisperer.

The Pots

Gift your loved ones sustainable gifts. Go the eco-friendly route with our gorgeous plant pots that are ethically handmade in Sri Lanka, from 100% recycled and biodegradable material with zero waste. Lined with natural latex extracted from the Rubber Tree, which makes it waterproof, long-lasting and sustainable. Can be cleaned by gently wiping it with a damp fibre cloth. Reuse this gorgeous pot once your happy plant moves to a larger one.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 8-9 × 11-14 cm




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