The art of gifting comes easy to some people, but for most of us, it’s a full-blown mind ache. Since branded pens are no longer a thing (thankfully), corporate gifting has become more personal and can be a smart way to boost client relationships and business overall. 

A thoughtful gift is an opportunity to let someone know that they are valued and they are heard. 

There are a few ideas worth considering: 


  • Your client might’ve mentioned in passing that they would love to try desert camping. Why not gift them an overnight glamping experience in the desert? They will love you for it! 
  • You’re not a good listener and have no clue what they like? Then a simple day at the spa will surely tick the box. Who doesn’t like to be pampered?! 

A subscription 

  • Gift them their first-month air yoga subscription, that they mentioned about last week during lunch. This relationship might turn into a beautiful friendship. 

A donation 

  • Donate on their behalf to a cause they are passionate about. No doubt this gift will be greatly appreciated. 

A living gift that keeps on giving

  • PLANTS and here is why…

Plants as Corporate Gifts

Simply put, plants inspire growth. Their thriving nature and long lifespan make them the perfect gift for your client. Who doesn’t appreciate some greenery on their desk? 

Plants are also good for an office environment, the more the merrier. According to NASA plants improve air quality (can decrease air toxins by 87% over a period of 24 hours) decrease breathing infections as well as increasing focus and boosting productivity. 

WANDER POT Plant Gifts 

The WANDER POT plant gifts are highly customizable. They will never feel mass-produced. 

Your client will receive a low-maintenance (hard-to-kill) plant gift, pre-potted in a gorgeous biodegradable pot, delivered in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. 

You can add a personal touch such as a handwritten personal note mentioning your client’s name and the occasion. Go on and even add your logo to the mix. We’ll deliver it on your behalf. 

What better way to be remembered by your client than by a beautiful plant thriving on their office desk?  

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